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My prediction for game of the year: Bloodborne

For years now, I have heard whispers of an unspeakable evil, a shadow concocted by some mad Japanese guy, (oh those Japanese), that prompted countless gamers to write of the suffering it has caused them on reddit and countless blogs. The guy: Hidetaka Miyazaki. The horror he created: the Soul series.

Now to be clear, I never played Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, or Dark Souls II. I read about these games, heard about them. Fans I talked to acted like hostages with Stockholm Syndrome, or soldiers who return from war only to sign right back up for another tour of duty: the Soul games appeared to be, at the same time, the most messed up and infuriating games imaginable, and the most engrossing, addictive, and satisfying.

Well, now I know. Now I know. With the release of Bloodborne, the spiritual successor to the Soul series and Miyazaki’s newest brainchild, like America entering WW2 late in the game, now I know. And I love it.

Released to nearly universal acclaim and a PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne, in my opinion, is the best game yet to have come out on the new generation consoles. Now let’s get one thing straight: it is not easy, it makes you think, and you will end up throwing your controller across the room more than once, but it is a breath of fresh air in today’s consumerist, commercial, messed up world of gaming, and it is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

In Bloodborne you play as a hunter who must fight a mysterious illness spreading through the city of Yharnam. This illness turns those afflicted into beasts, and when I say beasts I mean stuff pulled straight out of your worst nightmare. The ambiance that permeates this game is one of a kind and of the highest order.

But the thing that is truly unique is the gameplay. This game does not hold your hand, pack you a lunch, and kiss you on the cheek the way many of today’s games are wont to do. No, this game drops you out of a plane without a parachute over the Congolese jungle with a pocket knife and a half-filled bottle of water. It truly is a throwback to a different time in gaming, in a very very good way.

For anyone interested in a great game that will last you a long time I highly recommend Bloodborne. I cannot see this game not winning game of the year. 10/10.

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